Wrestle Kingdom 9

Written by Roger Malcolm

wk9_1Global Force Wrestling Presents New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Wrestle Kingdom 9 in Tokyo Dome Continue reading Wrestle Kingdom 9

Pro Wrestling Please

Written by Roger MalcolmGlobalforcewrestlling I’ve been watching pro wrestling since I was 4.  I was a teenager during the time of pro wrestling known as the Attitude Era and have always seen 1997 as my favorite year.  After 10 years of watching, 1997 just seemed to come together so perfectly to me.  Bret Hart, leading the Hart Foundation, was a heel in the U.S. and still a babyface in Canada, which made for great television and diverse crowds.  Stone Cold Steve Austin, where as he was never a favorite of mine, began his meteoric rise to super-stardom.  Shawn Michaels and Hunter Hearst Helmsley formed D-Generation X.  Though perhaps the most important factor of all these former WWF personalities performing in 1997 was the announcing by Jim Ross.  Continue reading Pro Wrestling Please

Dear Dixie Carter or just my take on TNA Wrestling…

Written by Roger Malcolm500px-TNA_Wrestling_Logo

I was listening to the Ross Report hosted by Jim Ross when Good Ol’ J.R. mentioned TNA Wrestling.  He gave a few comments on their issues and what he believed they should do to help themselves out.  As a pro wrestling fan I want to see TNA Wrestling succeed as does Jim Ross, only the company is a wasteland.  It seems like everyday we get closer to their demise.  It’s to the point where it seems at any minute news will break declaring “TNA LIQUIDATED, Panda Energy CHAPTER11?”.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all.  I also feel that’s a horrible way to view any company and yet it’s how most view TNA and Dixie Carter. Continue reading Dear Dixie Carter or just my take on TNA Wrestling…