Cats Don’t Dance

Cats Don’t Dance (1997) G | Comedy | Family | Fantasy | Musical

Written by Roger MalcolmCats_dont_dance_poster

Released by Time Warner’s short-lived animation department Turner Feature Animation, Cats Don’t Dance is a charming tale with a lot of old Hollywood thrown into the mix.  Directed by Mark Dindal, who would go on to direct and co-write the stories to The Emperor’s New Groove and Chicken Little, the tale manages to create a film for lovers of a time that once was, but is still very much loved.  Composer Randy Newman (Toy Story) writes the music and lyrics to many of the songs throughout this very musical film.  As an uncredited choreographic consultant, the legendary Gene Kelly contributes to his last film project, which is dedicated to him at the end.

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The Petrified Forest (1955)

The Petrified Forest

I recently found this production of The Petrified Forest from 1955 starring Humphrey Bogart, Henry Fonda and Lauren Bacall at the Internet Archive.


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