​”The Haunting of Ol’ Thom Paine”

Written by an American“The Haunting of Ol’ Thom Paine”

On these dark autumn nights,

when the Oktober sky breathes cool,

trees loose leaves like ladies let down their hair,

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by Thomas Paine

It is always understood that Freemasons have a secret which they carefully conceal; but from everything that can be collected from their own accounts of Masonry, their real secret is no other than their origin, which but few of them understand; and those who do, envelop it in mystery. Continue reading ORIGIN OF FREEMASONRY

Did Thomas Paine write the Declaration of Independence?

I was reading an article where Gary Berton makes a defensive argument, being also a critique of Maier’s American Scripture, that Thomas Paine’s ‘Common Sense’ gave birth to the Declaration of Independence.  I find this humourous as I believe that not only did Paine give birth through writing ‘Common Sense” but by the more direct route of actually writing the original Declaration of Independence document itself before I suspect he handed it over to his close friend Thomas Jefferson to rewrite.

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