Wrestle Kingdom 9

Written by Roger Malcolm

wk9_1Global Force Wrestling Presents New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Wrestle Kingdom 9 in Tokyo Dome

wk9-matches-iwgp-tagIWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
1.  Young Bucks vs. Forever Hooligans vs. Time Splitters vs. reDRagon (Champions)

Kushida ann Bobby Fish start match out trading holds with Kushida gaining the advantage demonstrating his excellence.  Shelley in with O’Reilly then enter the Young Bucks only to be back dropped in tandem by the Time Splitters.  Time Splitters mock the Bullet Club with their own 2 sweets then alternate on Bobby Fish.  Kozlov tags himself in leading to his doning his Russian hat and performing his sinature kicks leading to the bounce off the ropes into a jump landing with the head stomp and near fall.  Red Dragon enter double teaming Kozlov.  Fish delivers flying forearm, hooks leg and near fall.  Young Bucks enter double teaming Alex Shelley.  Kozlov enters taking out both of the Young Bucks by out smarting them.  Beautiful reverse elbow by Nick Jackson.  Kick by Kozlov.  Rocky Romero enters by leaping off top rope dropping two with a foot into a chest each.  Romero cleans house clotheslining all in site.  Clothesline after clothesline.  Hooligans in control.  Nick Jackson counters.  Kushida enters lighting it up with a DDT!  Time Splitters take control.  Shelley super kick levels.  Suicide dive!  Young Bucks take the attention as they shine in the limelight.  Near fall by Kushida.  Time Splitters double team moves.  Shelley with enziguri.  Near fall!  Young Bucks take control of match.  Red Dragon slaying the competition.  Fish slams Buck off turnbuckle.  Near fall!  O’Reilley with modified Brain buster on Kozlov and the pin.  Championships Retained  13:00 3/5 Really Good Match  (The pace was so damn frantic this match wore ME out!)

BC-vs-tenkoji2.  Jeff Jarret with Karen Jarrett & Scott D’Amore, Bad Luck Fale, Yujiro Takahashi vs. Hiroshi Tenzan, Satoshi Kojima, Honma

Karen shoves Honma into ropes before bell leading to the Bullet Club attacking and chaos breaking out for a moment before Tiget hattori can give the signal for the bell.  Ten-Koji workover Bad Luck Fale hitting double-suplex on the big man.  They then turn their attention working over Takahashi.  Kojima delivers signature chops in corner on Takahashi, irish whip into opposite corner followed up by a lariat.  Fale enter leveling Kojima.  Jarrett in and goes to work on Kojima.  Jarret delivers stiff clothesline staggering Kojima.  Fale tagged in then out with Takahashi in.  Kojima continues to get worker over.  Kojima hits Koji-Cutter on Takahashi shifting the momentum.  Kojima makes tag to Honma.  Takahashi is body slammed by Honma.  Honma misses headbutt off ropes.  Takahashi with the near fall!  Takahashi works over Honma.  Honma off ropes connects with flying headbutt on Takahashi.  Jeff Jarrett enters with guitar in hand.  Honma struggles with Jarrett as the battle of the guitar until Takahashi strikes from behind.  Honma held from behind by Takahashi as Jarrett delivers guitar shot to the head, Honma ducks causing Takahashi to be obliterated by the guitar.  Ten-Koji enter double-suplexing Jeff Jarrett.  Ten-Koji double team Fale taking him out.  A 3D by Ten-Koji on Takahashi.  Honma goes up and flys off the turnbuckle connecting with the flying headbutt on Takahashi and get the pin.  5:34 2/5 Good Match

wk9_33.  Takashi Iizuka, Shelton X Benjamin, Killer Elite Squad(Lance Archer & Davey Boy Smith Jr.) vs.  Toru Yano, Naomichi Marufuji, The Mighty Don’t Kneel(Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls)

Toru Yano and Iizuka start out after chaos clears the ring.  Yano grabs Iizuka’s beard holding and yanking.  Iizuka goes after ref while Yano removes turnbuckle cover throwing it over his back behind him where Iizuka picks it up hitting Yano as he turns around.  Shelton Benjamin enters and levels Yano with a spinning kick.  The Killer Elite Squad enter double teaming Yano.  Lance Archer and Yano trad moves out-smartening each other.  Yano sends Archer into exposed turnbuckle.  TMDK enter double teaming Archer.  Davey Boy Smith comes to Archers rescue.  Smith is taken out by TMDK.  Archer hits impressive chokeslam.  Iizuka in with Naomichi Maryfuji.  Naomichi lights it up on Iizuka getting a near fall!  Naomichi gets placed up top of turnbuckle by Iizuka but sends Iizuka away.  Benjamin enters leaping to the top of the turnbuckle suplexing Naomichi off sending him into the opposite corner.  Iizuka goes for his signature steel glove but Naomichi ducks it delivering a superkick instead to Iizuka for his trouble.  Iizuka hits an inverted atomic drop on Naomichi.  Iizuka removes string to choke Naomichi with.  Freed Naomichi delivers a hard high knee to Iizuka’a chest.  Iizuka gets double teamed by TMDK.  TMDK assist holding Iizuka still as Naomichi hits his Tiger Uppercut Knee Lift securing the pin.  5:06 2/5 Good Match

sakurabasuzukimatchUWFI Rules
4.  Minoru Suzuki vs. Kazushi Sakuraba

First off I love Suzuki’s new look, he’s bleached his hair blonde and has traded in his black gear for a white towel, trunks and boots.

They start circling each other.  Sakuraba around Suzuki’s back.  Suzuki takes an arm as both go down to mat but release standing back up.  Sakuraba goes for a single leg.  Suzuki on his back.  Suzuki attempts heel hook.  Sakuraba with sharpshooter as they roll into ropes both refusing to break.  Suzuki on apron trades slaps back and forth.  Suzuki gets triangle on Sakuraba.  Both outside ring as Suzuki takes Sakuraba up ramp where he slam him.  They trade strike, knees and kicks down to ground.  Ref attempts to break Sakuraba’s hold which he refuses.  Ref eventually sends Sakuraba back to ring.  Suzuki selling left wrist as if possibly broke.  Suzuki slowly walks back to ring where Sakuraba exits retrieving him.  Sakuraba delivers a barrage of kicks until Suzuki goes down to a knee, then both knees and face on mat.  Ref starts count to 8.  More Sakuraba kicks ensue.  Suzuki ducks delivering a string of strong slaps only utilizing his right hand.  Sakuraba comes back with his kicks.Sakuraba goes for a Key Lock.  Suzuki gets to feet then back to his knees.  Sakuraba goes for the armbar  but Suzuki gets to ropes leading to the break.  Sakuraba delivers kicks and stomps to Suzuki on ground.  Ref starts count for the downed Suzuki but he gets up at 9.  Sakuraba with more kicks.  Suzuki fires back with more slaps.  More kicks by Sakuraba then slaps from Suzuki send Sakuraba to mat.  Suzuki gets a rear mounted choke, flips Sakuraba over his back down to the mat maintaining hold leading to Sakuraba passing out!  9:22 3/5 Really Good Match  (This match got to me emotionally, love both of these two guy’s spirits and the show of respect at the end was perfectly executed)

wk9-matches-ishii-new-520x245NEVER Openweight Championship
5.  Togi Makabe vs. Tomohiro Ishii (Champion)

They start trading strikes right off the bat then take turns hitting the ropes delivering shoulder tackles.  Ishii slams Makabe as he comes off the ropes.  Makabe slams Ishii back.  Ishii chops Makabe down.  Ishii headbutts Makabe 3 times while he’s down on his knees.  Ishii then kicks the downed Makabe in the head.  Makabe gets back up as he’s chopped.  Makabe fights back.  Makabe delivers fists to Ishii in the corner turnbuckle.  They continue to trade strikes.  Makabe hits a Northern Lights Suplex and gets a near fall.  Makabe takes control with strikes as Ishii asks for more.  Ishii’s lariat send Makabe down.  Ishii with a vertical suplex off the 2nd rope!  Ishii hits a power-bomb and gets another near fall.  Makabe delivers a strong clothesline.  Makabe hits a hard power-bomb of his own and near fall.  Makabe with a German suplex and near fall.  Makabe places Ishii on turnbuckle and attempts a German suplex but fails.  Ishii delivers strikes causing Makabe to fall back hanging upside down for a moment but he pulls himself back up getting Ishii into a Fireman’s Carry and drops Ishii onto the mat off the 2nd rope for another near fall!!!  Makabe blocks an Enziguri sedning Ishii down to mat.  A clothesline that looked like a head on collision car crash and near fall!  Ishii remains down as ref checks him.  Ishii hits a suplex then a clothesline and near fall!  They trade clotheslines until Ishii connect with a strong headbutt to Makabe’s sternum.  Ishii with another clothesline and near fall.  Ishii attempts suplex the flips over Makabe and hits kick for another near fall.  Makabe down from clothesline.  Makabe with perfectly executed Dragon suplex and near fall.  They start trading strikes again.  They each trade vicious headbutts then Makabe starts utilizing double ax handle sledges sending Ishii down twice.  Makabe attempts pin but Ishii kicks out on 1!  Makabe clothesline for near fall.  Ishii down, Makabe goes up top and hits his King Kong Knee drop for the pin!  New Champion  12:27 4/5  Great Match

tumblr_netw37W1tx1u1qqz4o8_500IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship
6.  Kenny Omega vs. Ryusuke Taguchi (Champion)

Lock up into ropes where Omega gives slight slap on cheek.  Tie up again into ropes this time Taguchi fakes slap and laughs it off to the crowds delight.  Taguchi gets headlock then a back and forth into the ropes ends with a butt bump by Taguchi.  More butt bumps to the downed Omega.  Omega gets caught in the ankle lock after show of athleticism after diving out of the corner over Taguchi.  Omega sent over the ropes to the outside where he grabs a can of cold spray as the Young Bucks distract the referee.  Taguchi gets sprayed in the eyes.  Omega takes control, delivers a knife edge chop then sends Taguchi into corner for a near fall.  Omega push kicks Taguchi down into the corner continuing to control the match as Taguchi struggles to see still.Omega attempts suplex but it’s blocked, attempts again as Taguchi shifts his weight countering as Omega demonstrates his strength holding him in midair until executing the suplex.  Omega mimes starting a chainsaw then rubs his forearm into the eyes of Taguchi.  Omega chops Taguchi then irish whips him into corner where Taguchi hits a counter high knee shifting the momentum.  Young Bucks grab Taguchi’s leg but Omega is sent over the top rope on top of the Young Bucks.  Taguchi flys over the top rope onto all 3 men.  Omega enters ring and get drilled by Taguchi’s missile drop kick off the top rope and a near fall.  Taguchi hits a snap suplex holding on for one more but the third is blocked.  Omega takes out Taguchi’s knee followed by a over the back crusher of some sort which leads to a near fall.  Omega goes for a full nelson hold but is blocked.  Omega attempts to a running power-bomb into the turnbuckle that gets reversed by Taguchi sending Omega into the turnbuckle post and a near fall for Taguchi.  Taguchi goes up top but Omega joins him attempting a suplex but is sent down to the mat.  Omega back up grabs a front face lock but gets blocked again.  Taguchi off the top with a dropkick but Omega delivers his own.  Omega grabs a gut-wrench into a power-bomb and near fall.  Omega with a Electric Chair but Taguchi escapes.  Omega with a roll through and hits a flying knee.  Taguchi front face slam Omega then grabs ahold of the ankle-lock then breaks to knock a Young Buck off apron.  Taguchi gets caught by the other as Omega runs at him, Taguchi escapes and Omega sends his ally to the floor.  Taguchi hits his double knee gut-buster and gets a near fall.  Taguchi signals to crowd but Omega fights him off.  Omega catches Taguchi in air delivering a sick suplex.  Omega hits a running knee to the temple.  Omega hits his Electric Chair for the pin.  New Champion  13:21 3/5 Really Good Match

wk9_8IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
7.  Hirooki Goto & Katsuyori Shibata vs. Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows (Champions)

Goto and Anderson start it off with a plethora of counters up and down off the mat.  Shibata grabs Anderson from the outside but Goto hits Shibata as Anderson escapes.  Gallows enters delivering big super kick to Goto.  Goto is double teamed with Anderson controlling the match.  Near fall by Anderson and he immediately goes for a 2nd pin and then a 3rd but to no avail.  Gallows in and dominates Goto.  Bullet Club Babe delivers a stiff slap across Goto’s face.  Goto hits clothesline out of nowhere and gets the tag.  Shibata enters running across the ring kicking Anderson off apron.  Shibata beats Gallows down in corner and backs out for a running attack but gets flattened by Gallows as he exits the corner.  Anderson enters but gets caught in an abdominal stretch by Shibata.  Goto and Shibata work together to take control of the match.  Shibata with a near fall on Gallows.  Anderson comes to the rescue.  Champs take back control.  Near fall broken up by Goto.  Another near fall by Gallows on Shibata.  Goto comes in for the save and sends Gallows over the top rope.  Gallows renters delivering a double-clothesline on Goto and Shibata.  Near fall on Shibata.  Gallows goes up top but gets caught by both and is sent down to the canvas hard.  gallows gets worked over then Shibata hits his Penalty Kick for the pin!  New Champions  9:00 3/5 Really Good Match

wk9-matches-aj8.  A.J. Styles vs. Tetsuya Naito

Styles attacks before the bell gaining the advantage and goes for the Styles Clash but fails.  Naito gets sent over the top rope.  They battle outside impressing with counters until Naito hits a beautiful dropkick off apron.  Naito hits drop kick off top rope back into the ring.  Styles attacks Naito’s left knee continuously systematically working it over with technical expertise.  Naito with big momentum changing DDT!  Naito takes control with a barrage of offense leading to a neck-breaker as Styles is sitting on 2nd rope and gets a near fall.   Naito is selling his left leg.  Styles hits beautiful springboard flying forearm and then a ugly neck-break as they the counters went back and forth and gets a near fall.  Styles with a suplex.  Naito counters into a pin and near fall.  Naito hits a suplex and near fall.  Naito with a flying forearm.  Naito body slams Styles for mat placement and ges up top but gets stopped as Styles hits the back of his left leg.  Styles climbs up and flips Naito over but Naito rolls up to his feet.  Styles grabs a calf-cutter submission as Naito struggles to make it to the ropes.  He makes it after one close call.  Naito with an Enziguri.  Naito hits modified half-nelson slam.  Naito with a dragon suplex and near fall.  Styles hits Prince Devitt’s Bloody Sunday.  Styles goes for his Styles Clash as Naito in desperation sends him over the top rope in spectacular form.  Styles back in as the count reaches 19!  Styles send naito to apron in desperation which leads to Naito delivering a kick over the ropes to the down in the corner Styles.  Naito attempts a frankensteiner off turnbuckle but gets caught in a Styles Clash off the turnbuckle for the pin!  14:25  3/5 Really Good Match

wk9-matches-nakamuraIWGP Intercontinental Championship
9.  Kota Ibushi vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (Champion)

A very slow start to the match as Nakamura takes his time moving out of his corner as Ibushi carefully watches his opponents actions.  They start trading offense for awhile.  Ibushi gets Nakamura into corner on ground and mocks him by placing his foot on Nakamura performing Nakamura’s signature style.    Nakamura returns the favor by doing the same and showing him how it’s really done to the crowds appreciation.  Ibushi draped over turnbuckle has Nakamura’s knee driven into his body.  Nakamura exits the ring placing Ibushi on the apron delivering running knees controlling match.  Nakamura with Kravat lock and near fall as Nakamura pins only using his knee.  Nakamura controlling on the ground in and out of pins as they roll around the mat eventually into the ropes for the break.  Nakamura taunts Ibushi to strike him.  Nakamura gives humiliating smacks to a bent over Ibushi.  Nakamura hits a back-stabber.  Ibushi with a Hurricanrana.  Ibushi sends Nakamura outside the ring followed by a beautiful moonsault off the turnbuckle.  Nakamura back in gets drilled by Ibushi’s missile dropkick off the top rope.  Nakamura counters with a single leg drop kick as Ibushi comes off top rope.  Nakamura with a barrage of knees.  Nakamura hits turnbuckle as Ibushi moves out of the way.  Both go up but Ibushi falls to apron.  Ibushi hits Hurricanrana off turnbuckle and gets the near fall.  Ibushi sunset flip into a near fall.  Ibushi hits devastating round-house kick.  Ibushi delivers sitdown power-bomb.  Ibushi goes up top but misses.  Nakamura delivers Boma Ye to the back of the head!  Nakamura back to the humiliating tactics kicking Ibushi in the head as he hangs through the ropes.  Ref gets shoved by Nakamura perhaps by accident sending him into Ibushi.  Nakamura with the flying armbar.  Ibushi with a suplex.  Ibushi with a Boma Ye of his own!  Ibushi goes for the pin but Nakamura kicks out immediately.  Nakamura battles back.  Ibushi counters hitting a stomp on the abdomen of a down Nakamura.  Nakamura on apron gets caught by Ibushi as he hits an innovative suplex pulling Nakamura from the apron over the top rope onto the mat for a near fall!!!  Thank the gods!  Nakamura battles back utilizing headbutts and strikes.  Nakamura goes up top and connects with another Boma Ye!!  Nakamura slams Ibushi with his Landslide and follows it up with a 3rd Boma Ye!!!  The pinfall!  Championship retained 20:13  5/5 Masterpiece (This is why I watch New Japan Pro Wrestling and Nakamura is my favourite pro wrestler working today and the intensity in this match put tears in my eyes and these tears are real.)

Hiroshi-Tanahashi-vs.-Kazuchika-Okada-590x900IWGP Heavyweight Championship
10.  Okada vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi (Champion)

Slow start into tie-up, Tanahashi gets control around back but Okada takes control of the arm.  Tanahashi takes Okada down to the mat.  Takahashi controls head.  Okada control head.  Tanahashi takes control back with headlock.  Tanahashi with side headlock takeover.  Okada delivers strong forearm to head.  Tanahashi fights back and the match intensifies as they trade attacks.  Tanahashi goes up top but is knocked down to the outside of the ring.  Okada sends Tanahashi into railing followed by a kick that sends him over.  Okada hits a hangman DDT off railing.  Ref starts count but Okada enters the ring stopping it at 8.  Okada exits taking Tanahashi up ramp.  Okada strains to lift Tanahashi with a gut-wrench into a tombstone piledriver but Tanahashi fights out.  Okada slams Tanahashi on ramp.  Count starts again and Okada leads them both back to the ring.  Okada with a snapmare followed by a running kick to the head.  Okada controlling match.  Tanahashi battles back hitting senton bomb off 2nd rope and gets a near fall.  Okada with a flapjack.  Okada locks in a ground submission stretching Tanahashi as he struggles for awhile before getting to the ropes.  Okada goes for the pin to no avail.  Okada taunts Tanahashi to strike him as they trade forearms and uppercuts.  Okada hits big dropkick that sends Tanahashi backwards onto the mat.  Tanahashi counters slamming Okada.  Both up top struggle on turnbuckle.  Tanahashi misses High Fly Flow!  Okada gets a near fall.  Okada on his knees drops Tanahashi and goes for the pin but a kick out.  Okada goes up top and hits a flying elbow drop!  Rainmaker Pose!  Tanahashi counters into near fall. Tanahashi wih a dragon screw leg whip.   Okada selling knee.  Tanahashi dropkick to the injured knee.  Both outside ring with Okada down.  Tanahashi’s irish-whip is reversed sending him into the railing though he dodges Okada’s attack sending Okada over the railing.  Tanahashi goes to the top and leaps off the turnbuckle to the outside over the railing onto Okada!!  Count starts back up as both make it back in at 18.  Tanahashi goes back up but jumps over Okada as he runs towards him landing on his feet.  Okada attempts a Rainmaker but Tanahashi counters with a Sling Blade!  tanahashi goes back up and hits another High Fly Flow but Okada causes him to roll through.  Tanahashi reverse tombstone piledriver and hits his own!  Tanahashi back up top hits yet another High Fly Flow on Okada’s back.  Tanahashi back up top yet again hitting yet another High Fly Flow!  Pin and KICK OUT!  Tanahashi applies a Texas Cloverleaf.  Okada kicks himself free.  Okada stays down.  Tanahashi circles him.  Okada fires off with an uppercut.  Tanahashi hits another Slingblade coming off the ropes!  Tanahashi mocks Okada performing his own Rainmaker pose.  Okada hits the Rainmaker! Tanahashi kicks out!  Both men on mat as Gedo pounds the apron to rally Okada.  Count up to 8 as they start trading forearms while still on their knees.  Still trading forearms up to their feet.  Okada gut-wrench into tombstone reversed into pin but a kick out!  Tanahashi slaps Okada stif a multitude of times with his left hand as his right arm is cocked back fist clenched.  Okada gets a backslide pin for a near fall!  Tanahashi suplex into pin but a kick out.  Okada bridging German but Tanahashi kicks out though Okada holds on.  Tanahashi hits his own German Suplex.  Okada with a big beautiful drop kick!  Tanahashi ducks Rainmaker!  Tanahashi hits a reverse Dragon Screw Leg-Whip and then another through the ropes.  Tanahashi goes back to the top hitting a High Fly Flow while Okada was still in the ropes.  Tanahashi hits another Dragon Screw Leg-Whip.  Tanahashi goes back up top for yet another High Fly Flow!  Again Tanahashi hits another and goes for the pin.  Championship retained.  30:58 4/5 Great Match

As a show it gets a 3.2/5 on my system.  Great card full of the best wrestling you’ll ever see on earth.  I did watch the English broadcast and thoroughly enjoyed both Jim Ross and Matt Striker on commentary.  I wouldn’t want to change that experience for anything.  Happy Birthday to Jim Ross and thank you to Jeff Jarrett and his Global Force Wrestling for making this possible.wrestle-kingdom-9-sunday-january1

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