My 2014 in Review

Written by Roger Malcolm
Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklersStarting with just playing basketball more in 2013, I’ve ended up becoming very proud of my new year resolutions as a way to remind myself of what is or was important to me at the time.  I’m learning to quit being so hard on myself, instead looking at all the positive progress I have accomplished, which I hope may inspire someone else along the way.  My intentions behind all of my work whether it be writing, exercising or any other activity I do is to inspire others to believe in themselves.  Whether that is as much as I believe in myself or more, I know the power of paying it forward, especially positivity.  A little hard work goes a long way, so a lot of hard work will certainly get you to where you are going or at least close enough to continue on.

As I set 5 tasks for my 2014, I have taken the time to review what I accomplished, where I fell short and where I will continue on from.  Through the following link, at the end of this sentence, you can read my article for my 2014 resolution goals.  Without further adieu…

Japanese:  The language I most hope to conquer one day.  I had taught myself parts of Hiragana in the past and used Rosetta Stone some in 2014.  Most of my progress came when I found an audio course and was able to incorporate 2 half-hour lessons each day to and from work.  I maintained this for 12 weeks completing 22 or 24 courses.  It certainly helped give me a better foundation to work from.  Hopefully I will find additional time to continue to incorporate the Japanese language into my schedule in 2015.

DDP Yoga:  My plan was to incorporate a more steady schedule of DDP Yoga during the year.  I ended up doing an impromptu squat challenge in 2014 to reach 5000 free-squats.  I started at 100, adding 100 more each attempt until I reached 1500.  The most I ever did at once before taking a break was 600.  On my attempt at 1600 squats, I started coughing and couldn’t find the energy or breath to continue, eventually giving up in frustration.  I ended up catching a virus that I couldn’t get rid of for 3 weeks.  It stopped my challenge at 1500 squats accomplished after I had carefully battled through my knees giving out around the 400 squats attempt mark.  I was bothered I didn’t keep going, however, I did accomplish 12,000 squats overall in the course of it all.  It certainly made me feel stronger and contributed to my strength when doing DDP Yoga.  I was even adding DDP Yoga’s Red Hot Core exercise onto the end of each squat attempt.  I don’t see any of this as wasted effort at least and still hope to accomplish 5000 squats in one day, someday.

Film:  I was hoping to finish the 3rd draft on my first feature film after having the 2nd draft get stopped in it’s tracks after filming 25%.  Out of the 103 pages of the 2nd draft I had to cut out 57 pages leaving me with 46 to build from.  I currently have 23 pages of new material and have an end in sight.  I hope not to exceed 90 pages this time in an attempt to keep the film under or around an hour and thirty minutes.  I would have to say the biggest challenge was getting over the feeling of failure after having invested so much time and effort the first time around.  Once I came to terms with what had contributed to it’s downfall, I then had to figure out how to retell the story eliminating half the cast while still being proud of what I was writing.  It took a really long time it feels to find the inspiration but I found it one morning while running with my pitbull.

Road Work:  My intentions to start running only lasted so long.  However, I did learn how much more challenging it is to run on the road while holding the leash of a pitbull that didn’t quite grasp the idea of my need to have my legs under me as I ran.  After struggling on the first few runs of 2014 I started to contemplate not taking her along with me, then quickly dismissed the idea as I felt I was not only teaching her to accommodate me on the road but it also created additional tension at times, which wasn’t welcome at the time of running though it did contribute to my exercise itself.  Plus she was a great companion when a load of 6 dogs came running down the hill from the elite’s house tucked back in the woods off the highway.  We were able to always outrun them but one time we almost had to make a stand and fight, luckily we were able to trick them and sneak by.  It was quite the adventure, as we ran together I became quite winded exerting myself to outrun the dogs, so Luna pulled me up the steep hill to make it back home safely.

Website:  In an attempt to contribute more articles to this website, I was able to do 22 new posts in 2014.  My articles reached 90 countries in 2014 according to my end of year report.  My readership isn’t anything to really talk about but for me it’s inspiring.  One day none of it existed and then “BANG!” 2 years later I have something to be proud of.  I have continued to find new ideas and methods about approaching my website and hope this will continue to develop into the next year.

In 2015, I hope to continue making forward progress with all my previous goals and pick up anything that interests me on the way.  One thing I ended up doing during 2014 that I didn’t expect, was I picked up a pencil and started drawing again.  That’s something I quit doing basically all together back in the late 90’s around the end of middle school for myself.  I started by drawing sketches for concept art on another project at first.  Eventually this led to me arranging a drawing table, creating my own light table and making my own contraption for rotoscoping.  In an attempt to animate footage from my film I was able to place plexiglass on top of my flat screen monitor to hand copy the images frame by frame.  The rotoscoping didn’t workout as well as I would have liked but it did work and I will certainly only get better the more I do it.

One other thing for next year is I discussed playing music recently with my cousin who had basically quit playing guitar.  At my sister’s 18th birthday party this year, which I had been asked to DJ, we were listening to Elvis’ Jailhouse Rock and he agreed to work on a small selection of songs so that we might be able to play them together eventually.  So who knows I might even be a part of a band some time in the next year.

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