Directing Inspiration Part II

steven-spielberg-directing-style-114After making Directing Inspiration in 2013, I’ve decided to put together another list of 10 directors that I enjoy very much.  It was easy for me to pick my top 3 picks on my last list and then it became a little more time consuming narrowing down my top 10 personal favourites.  My list was way over-bloated of course, so now it’s time for Part II.  This time I haven’t dedicated any time to ranking the filmmakers, deciding instead to just list them in the order they came to me.  Basically, this is a list who all really deserved to be on my first if only there were more spots.  Since there weren’t, I felt somewhat guilty as they too inspire me a great deal.  However, I have tried to rank each film from top to bottom in accordance to my preference.

Roger Malcolm’s Directing Inspiration Top 10 Part II

1. Paul VerhoevenFilm Title: Zwartboek (Black Book).Robocoprobocop-PosterStarship Troopersstarship_troopers_posterFlesh+Bloodb3MLENrmKMUuq8Rvchk0jj4hx8mShowgirlsshowgirlsTurkish Delightturkish-delight-movie-poster-1975-1020208954Basic InstinctBasic_Instinct_(poster)Total Recall1990-Total-recall-poster

2. Roman Polanskil43-roman-polanski-compleanno-130814130922_bigThe PianistThe-Pianist-Poster-2-USAThe Fearless Vampire Killers Or: Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neckthe-fearless-vampire-killers-movie-poster-9999-1020691306Chinatownchinatown-film-poster-001Rosemary’s Babyrosemarys-baby-posterThe Ninth Gatejohnny_depp_ninth_gate_movie_poster_2a
3. Tony ScottTony-ScottThe Last Boy Scoutthe-last-boy-scout-movie-poster-1992-1020189603True RomanceTrue-Romance_posterDays of Thunderdays-of-thunder-posterThe Hungerthehunger-movieposterSpy GameMPW-48801

4. Robert RodriguezFrom Dusk Till Dawnfrom-dusk-till-dawn-movie-poster-1995-1020192935DesperadoMPW-33476Planet Terrorplanet_terror_poster_01The FacultyThe_Faculty_movie_posterEl MariachiEl_mariachi-1-InfecZionOnce Upon a Time in Mexico5419-Once-Upon-a-Time-in-Mexico--2003-
5. Richard Linklatersjff_02_img0750Me and Orson WellesMe-and-Orson-WellesBoyhoodboyhood1
Slackerslacker-movie-poster-1991-1020200910Dazed and ConfusedMPW-40398Waking Life51df27f0e44b5e0dc3030e5c6c17977cSchool of Rockthe-school-of-rock-movie-poster-2003-1020191888BernieBernie-posterBad News Bearsbad_news_bears_2005_poster
6. Stanley Kubrickbest-shot-stanley-kubrick-0012001: A Space Odyssey2001 A Space Odyssey (1968)Eyes Wide Shuteyes_wide_shut_movie_posterA Clockwork Orange clockwork_orange_zps585ddba4cSpartacusSpartacus-Poster-1Full Metal JacketMPW-50092The Shiningthe-shining-poster
7. Mike Judgemike-judge2-550x350Office SpaceMPW-57515Extractextract_ver6_xlg.jpgIdiocracyidiocracy_2006_409x580_988667Beavis and Butt-head Do Americabevis_butthead_do_america_72
8. Walter Hillwalter-hill-red-heatThe Warriorsthe_warriors_posterLast Man StandingLast-Man-Standing-1996-movie-posterThe Long RidersThe-Long-Riders-1980-movie-poster48 HRS.48-hrs-movie-poster-1982-1020228283Red HeatMPW-57531Undisputedundisputed-poster
9. Orson WellescitizenkaneCitizen Kanecitizen-kane-movie-poster-1941-1020142721MacbethMacbeth1-1948-PosterTouch of EvilTouch of Evil Poster
10. Alfred HitchcockAlfred-Hitchcock-alfred-hitchcock-30631216-1279-925Rear Windowrear_windowPsychob70-5617The BirdsThe Birds movie poster Alfred HitchcockShadow of a DoubtlI9rCKPctEDdgUR3gsNXo8sS9tB.jpg

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