TNA Wrestling Bound for Glory 2014

TNA Wrestling Bound for Glory October 12, 2014 – Korakuen Hall – Tokyo, Japan Written by Roger MalcolmBFGPoster Match 1 – 1fall/20min/ TNA vs. W-1 –  Manik 202lbs. vs Minoru Tanaka 204lbs.BFGTanakaManikThey start match circling each other as crowd chants “let’s go Manik”.  They trade holds until Tanaka drops Manik with dropkick.  Tanaka sent outside,  Manik goes over the top missing as Tanaka slides back in ring.  Manik goes under ring coming out on other side sneaking up from behind surprising Tanaka with a neckbreaker.  Manik controls Tanaka hitting a suplex and a backdrop suplex.  Manik goes for the pin but a kick out by Tanaka.  Manik hitting the ropes as Tanaka rolls executing an excellent dropkick.  Tanaka takes control with a pin attempt, kick out.  Snap suplex delivered by Tanaka, pin attempt, kick out.  Manik attempts going high risk but it backfires, Manik receives kick to head.  Tanaka hits moonsault on Manik outside ring.  Back in ring, Manik attempts a high risk drop kick to no avail.  Tanaka gains control leading to a superplex off the top turnbuckle into a hip toss on Manik.  Back and forth offense, pin attempt by Manik, kick out.  Manik hits a brainbuster.  Manik goes for the pin, kick out.  Manik hits a double-underhook knee-gutbuster driving both knees into Tanaka abdomen.  Maik rolls Tanaka over for the pin, kick out.  Up, Manik delivers some forearm smahes to the head, blocks an attack, hits the ropes running into Tanaka’s kick to the head.  Tanaka swiftly applying his Minoru Special (a flying cross armbar for the win by submission.  10:00 my time (9:53 Wikipedia’s time), I give it 3/5 for a rating of really good. Hall of Fame Flashback – Slamiversary 2007 – Team 3D vs. Rick Steiner & Animal – Team 3D with the win. Ethan Carter III promo talks 1st year in TNA, Rockstar Spud, his 2nd year future and remaining undefeated by neither pinfall nor submission. Match 2 – 1fall/20min/ TNA vs. W-1 – Ethan Carter III 244lbs. vs Ryota Hama Nearly 500lbs.BFGEC3HamaHama backs Carter into turnbuckle overpowering him.  Hama double taps Carters chest before backing out of corner into center.  Carter comes out to face him but is shoved down for the effort so he rolls to the outside.  Carter back in, mocks Hama with bows while hopping.  Hama stands in center of ring, as Carter hits the ropes for momentum failing to budge Hama upon contact.  Hama slams Carter, causing him to exits outside the ring again.  Carter, after he reenters the ring, mocks Hama and gets thrown into the air.  Hama stands on Carter utilizing the ropes for support.  Another slam for a pin, kick out.  Missed splash leads to Carter delivering strikes and kicks.  Hama on mat has his head driven into the canvas several times.  Back up, Carter fails in an attempt to body slam Hama, which shifts the momentum back into Hama’s control.  Hama runs from turnbuckle smashing his huge ass into a down Carter in the opposite turnbuckle.  Carter kicks out of pin attempt.  Carter hits eye rake out of desperation, taking the opportunity to go for another body slam attempt that fails as Hama falls on top of him instead, kick out.  Hama hits another ass smash but Carter takes advantage of position by hitting a low blow from behind.  Carter hits the One Percenter (headlock driver), pinfall and win.  5:50 my time,  I give 2/5 for a rating of good.EC3Hama Hall of Fame Flashback – Lockdown 2009 – Team 3D vs. Beer Money – Team 3D with the win. MVP promo discusses his passion of the art of pro-wrestling and his respect of Japanese pro-wrestlers.  Nice words indeed. Match 3 – 1fall/20min/ TNA vs. W-1 – MVP 255lbs vs. Kazma Sakamoto 231lbs.BFGMVPSakamotoI personally dig Sakamoto’s entrance theme first off as he enters to heat from the crowd.  Crowd then starts MVP chant.  They lock up, MVP takes advantage leading to a side headlock takedown.  Back up, into the ropes MVP delivers a shoulder block.  Lock up, into ropes.  MVP taunts asking “Where’s Tensai?” to the crowd’s amusement.  Sakamoto hits ropes twice failing to move MVP.  MVP grabs his hair, delivers a front slam causing Sakamoto to roll outside the ring.  This generates more heat from the crowd for Sakamoto as MVP dives over the ropes to crowd appreciation.  MVP chant starts while MVP pulls Sakamoto’s feet as he clings to the railing and gets dropped as MVP lets go.  Sakamoto up leaning against railing receives big running boot to the head from MVP.  Both back in ring Sakamoto kicks out of pin attempt.  Sakamoto hits shots to throat causing him to vocally express himself in a wildman mixed warrior shouting.  A down MVP receives a boot to the chin.  MVP kicks out of pin attempt.  MVP misses big boot on Sakamoto in turnbuckle.  Sakamoto mocks MVP’s Ballin’ failing to connect on his move landing on the knees of MVP instead.  MVP hits backdrop.  Sakamoto into turnbuckle followed up by MVP connecting with a running lariat, executing a suplex, a shot to the throat and knee to the head.  MVP Ballin’ elbow, followed by a fisherman suplex, kick out by Sakamoto.  Sakamoto hits knee to head, then delivers a kick, goes for pin, kick out.  Sakamoto hits running kick, goes for pin, kick out.  Sakamoto goes for running knee, misses, MVP rolls him up from behind, kick out.  MVP hits dropkick to thigh, follows with modified Shining Wizard utilizing kick instead of knee to the head, covers for pinfall.  8:05 my time (8:07 wikipedia’s time),  I give it 3/5 for a rating of really good.Screen_Shot_2014-10-13_at_9.42.33_AM_copy Samoa Joe promo talks contemplation and reinvigorating the X-Division Championship. Match 4 – 1fall/3-way X-Division Championship – (C) Samoa Joe 282lbs. vs. Low Ki 194lbs. vs. Kaz Hayashi 202lbs.BFGXTitle“Joe’s gonna kill you” chant starts things off while ref takes championship to each challenger ending with Joe turning his back on the ref as he shows the fans his appreciation of their chant.  Joe and Low Ki start with failed kicks at each other with Low Ki delivering strikes to Kaz.  Kaz rolls out, leaving Joe and Ki to battle alone.  Lots of offense all around with Joe putting both opponents to the mat.    Joe delivers a snapmare on Kaz, then follows with attacks to front and back, then hits a jumping knee-drop.  Joe goe for the pin, kick out.  Joe rushes as Kaz pulls down on top rope sending Joe over with his momentum.  Ki and Kaz mix it up with strikes and reversals, leading to Ki delivering an unexpected kick through the ropes on Joe outside the ring.  Kaz hits big spinning kick on Ki.  Kaz fails to suplex Joe in over rope.  Joe takes control hitting the ropes only to run into Ki kick off the ropes.  Ki goes for the pin, kickout.  Ki throws Joe out and exits himself.  “This is awesome” chant breaks out as Ki and Kaz trade shots outside ring.  Ki irish-whips Kaz into railing, Kaz manages to stop himself with foot to railing returning an elbow to the oncoming Ki before Joe delivers a strong double clothesline to both.  As the crowd expresses their great appreciation, Taz calls it “explosive” and says “Joe hit those boys like they owed him money” as chants for “Joe” break out.  Joe hits an inverted atomic drop on Kaz back in the ring, followed by a big boot and senton drop into pin, Ki with the save.  Ki chops Joe in corner, whips him into opposite turnbuckle and follows with a flying forearm splash.  Strange camera cuts from Ki on top of Joe in corner to different shots of the crowd back to Joe power bombing Ki into pin for a kick out.  Joe transitions into boston crab then STF.  Kaz enters applying his own STF to Joe, then applies double STF on both KI and Joe which is broken.  Joe slaps Kaz hard multiple times until Kaz connects with a kick to the abdomen then redirecting multiple kicks to Joe’s bent over head.  Kaz off ropes hits another kick staggering Joe, giving Kaz the oppurtunity to jump Joe from behind hitting a neckbreaker and goes for the pin, kick out.  Kaz goes for a Samoan drop but fails as Ki delivers running dropkick to break it up.  Kaz delivers kick then lifts Ki up only to slam him down on his back maintaining control of his legs.  Kaz performs slingshot on Ki sending Ki safely to the turnbuckle second rope where he immediately leaps off delvering his Warrior’s Way on a downed Kaz.  The crowd loves the innovation.  Ki goes for pin, ref hesitates as shoulder isn’t on mat, kick out.  Kaz comes through ropes as Joe slides back in taking the momentum to hit the ropes diving under top rope delivering stiff shoulder charge onto both outside into the railing.  Joe chops Kaz, then back in ring Joe catches Kaz midair delivering a side slam from corner.  Joe signals for the Muscle Buster.  Ki cartwheeling across mat, as Joe steps out of way, hits Kaz with a  kick after on turnbuckle.  Joe and Ki trade strikes in center of ring until Ki explodes with a heavy barrage backing Joe into turnbuckle before lifting him onto his shoulders.  Joe escapes as he slides behind applying the Coquina Clutch (rear naked choke) for the submission by Ki passing out.  10:31 my time (10:32 wikipedia’s time), I give it 3/5 for a rating of really good.Screen_Shot_2014-10-13_at_9.42.17_AM_copy Samoa Joe cuts post-match promo praising Tokyo wrestling fans using Japanese at points and stating “TNA and Wrestle-1, we are here to start a new wrestling revolution.  We are here to bring the world together, for you the fans.  I am Samoa Joe.  This is Bound for Glory and I am pro wrestling. Hall of Fame Flashback – Team 3D putting Dixie Carter through a table. Tommy Dreamer talks the honour of  inducting Team 3D into Hall of Fame.Screen_Shot_2014-10-13_at_10.03.14_AM_copy Match 5 – 1fall/tagteam – Andy Wu & El Hijo del Pantera vs. Yusuke Kodama & Kuroshio “Ikemen” Jiro Kuroshiro and Wu start with smooth back and forth offense leading to a stalemate.   Both tag out, Pantera enters and walks turnbuckle ropes corner to corner then delivers a head scissors take down (huracanrana).  Kodama offers hand to shake but gives kick instead getting good heat from the crowd.  Ref blocks Pantera’s attempt to dive out of the ring onto Kodama, so Pantera waits til the ref turns his back and runs diving over the ref and ropes outside onto Kodama.  The momentum is shifted when Kuroshio contributes, leading to his tagging in and take control.  He pins but concentrates on fixing his hair, kick out.  He attempts the same pin again but Wu enters breaking it up with a kick.  Kuroshio kicks Pantera, gives another boot to the mid-section, pin-points an elbow, snap mare, the hits a standing corkscrew moonsault into pin, kick out.  Again more concerned with his hair than using both arms to hold the leg.  Back up Kuroshio delivers a kick to the back, tags Kodama, lifts Pantera slamming for Kodama to leap the ropes onto coming back in the ring.  Kodama goes for a quick pin, kick out.  Kodama applies a rear chin lock, Pantera escapes but runs into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.  Kodama goes for a pin, kick out.  Flying elbow finds Pantera in the corner, another attempt misses as Pantera steps out of the way returning with a boot to the body as he runs up flipping backwards landing crouched.  He stands ducks incoming attack then connects with the Antonio Inoki innovated enzuigiri (back brain kick).  Both wrestlers down, Pantera rolls slowly eventually getting tag from Wu.  Wu enters off top turnbuckle with cross body drop, executes two deep arm drags and hits a drop kick before going for the pin, kick out.  A reversal leads to the momentum temporarily shifting until Wu pulls off a hand-standing head scissors.  Pantera enters ring knocking Kuroshio off with a running elbow.  An assault of double teaming attacks on Kodama by Wu and Pantera, the latter going for a pin, broken by Kuroshio who flies in over the ropes in time.  Wu grabs Kuroshio and sends him out the opposite side over the ropes but he holds on to top rope until Wu knocks him off with dropkick.  Wu performs a springboard off the turnbuckle hitting a crossbody outside on Kuroshio.  Pantera after slam attempts high risk 450 splash, landing on feet and rolling forward.  Kodama strikes with a dropkick and super kick.  Goes for pin, Wu in for the save.  All four are in ring, Kuroshio throws Wu out, climbs turnbuckle launching into a high-angle senton bomb connecting with Wu on the outside.  Pantera is hit with a twisting-corkscrew moonsault for the pin and win.  9:15 my time, I give it 3/5 for a rating of really good.wrestle-1 Hall of Fame Ceremony on Bound for Glory’s eve clips are shown discussing Team 3D career in TNA from 2005 to 2014, the pact Bully and Devon made in February 1996 to become the most decorated tag team of all time.Screen_Shot_2014-10-13_at_10.03.29_AM_copy Match 6 – 1fall/tagteam – Tommy Dreamer & Abyss 350+lbs. vs. Team 3D (Bully Ray & Devon)BFGTagTeamWarTommy and Devon start with lock up, Dreamer around back trading holds down to ground and more back and forth with crowd appreciation.  Abyss tags himself in, then requests Bully to enter.  Devon offers hand and Bully tags.  They both circle then trade fists back and forth with Bully landing more and hits a standing side slam.  Abyss sells nothing not seeming to even register.  Abyss gives Bully a chokeslam but he too just stands up without registering.  Both hit ropes hitting double clothesline sending both down but get back up.  Abyss gets knee as they lockup leading to a slam on Bully.  Abyss defends himself against a double team attack until Devon clotheslines him out.  Team 3D methodically work Abyss over then Dreamer eventually removing Abyss from the ring.  Dreamer is hit with the Whassup? (diving headbutt low blow) by Devon.  “Get the tables!” and chant starts.  Devon pulls long skinny wood and metal Japanese table from underneath the ring and sets it up.  The all out brawl spills into the crowd.  Abyss hits Bully with the ring bell.  Bully hits Abyss with chair as Devon uses a chain on Dreamer deep into the crowd.  Bully hits ring bell with hammer as it covers Abyss’s crotch then uses the hammer on Dreamer.  Devon and Abyss trade punches.  Then they start littering the ring with foreign objects.  3d takes advantage with weapons until Dreamer and Abyss switche momentum.  Double pin, kick out.  Dreamer is reversed Irish-whipped into his own trash can he set up in the turnbuckle.  Abyss hits Devonn with a slam, then takes a chair to him.  Abyss attempts to jumps on top of chair which is laying on him but Devon grabs it, turning it sideways to crotch Abyss.  Devon works Abyss over laying him on the table.  Dreamer catches Devon on turnbuckle and attempts a failed superplex.  Bully catches Dreamer powerbombing him into the table after Abyss has rolled to safety.  “Holy shit” chants breaks as Abyss cleans up, then exits the ring revealing a bag and reenters pouring contents containing thumbtacks on center of mat.  Crowd reacts heavily to tacks.  Abyss with arms raised calls out as he goes for a double chokeslam on Team 3D, but they reverse it slamming Abyss face first into the mat covering him in tacks.  Dreamer delivers several Singapore cane shots until a 3D is hit with Devon for the pin and win.  12:49 my time (12:53 wikipedia’s time), I give it a 3/5 for a rating of really good. Team 3D post-match promo.  First off Bully thanks the fan in attendance and watching on PPV.  Says 20 years now and when they are asked where their favorite place in the world is to fight, they say Tokyo, Japan.  Crowd appreciative, approves in delightful response.  Devon “Oh my brother, testify!” Velvet Sky promo, comments of Hall of Fame and Havoc. Knockout promo shown showing Havoc’s domination over Knockout division capturing the championship. Match 7 – 1fall/ Knockout Championship – (C) Havok vs. Velvet SkyBFGKnockoutsTitleHavoc withstands a barrage of offensive attacks from Velvet.  Double Ax handle off turnbuckle is followed by another off next corner.  Velvet hits ropes and is caught and slammed.  Havoc slowly works her over.  Havok hits backbreaker and holds her in the stretch, then stands up hitting another backbreaker, again holding her in the stretch.  Velvet released fights from her knees failing.  Havok applies a bearhug but elbows to the head from Velvet causes her to release.  A mix of kicks and strikes from both until Havok slams Velvet.  Havok grabs hair setting Velvet up, Havok goes off the top missing a leg drop.  Velvet takes advantage hitting a leg scissors, cross body off corner and attempts a second time but is caught in Havok arms in a bearhug.  Velvet taps, Havok wins by submission.  6:03 my time (6:00 wikipedia’s time), I give it 2/5 for a rating of good. James Storm promo from within a a church as he sits at the pews and talks Sanada and Muta. Match 8 – 1fall/tagteam – James Storm & The Great Sanada 220lbs. vs. The Great Muta & TajiriBFGMianevent-645x370Smooth double mist one red the other green are performed into the air by Muta and Tajiri as bell rings.  Sanada and Muta start with crowd approval as teacher and student feel each other out.  Sanada takes control of arm with Muta escaping taking a leg down to the mat.  Sanada rolls around eventually making it to the ropes for the break.  Stood up, they start to lock up when Muta delivers kick taking control of arm.  Sanada transitions into blue mist on Muta.  Both tag, Storm and Tajiri circle until locking up leads Storm to overpower Tajiri shoving him down.  Storm with offense is stopped by Tajiri hitting a low dropkick to his legs.  Tajiri grabs Storms beard, Storm drops Tajiri and tags Sanada.  Sanada puts hold on Tajiri in ropes, off ropes Sanada dives missing Tajiri and goes outside ring.  Tajiri hits ropes knocking Sanada off apron.  Both out of ring go underneath, Muta drops from apron to inspect some.  Eventually Sanada emerges controlling a blue misted Tajiri throwing him back into ring.  Storm controls the offense in ring.  Storm disrespects Muta causing ref to restrain Muta.  Sanada enters ring, works over Tajiri then tags Storm.  Double team commences as Storm executes a knee drop, then Sanada with a low dropkick and follows with a neckhold on Tajiri.  They trade strikes but Storm sneak attacks Tajiri from behind.  Ref attempts to return Storm to corner giving Sanada the chance to exit the ring returning with an illegal foreign object.  He hits Tajiri with it tossing it away.  Sanada goes for the pin, kick out.  Irish-whipped Tajiri bounces off turnbuckle hitting big back elbow on Sanada.  Tajiri gets the tag, Muta explodes into the ring with offense on Sanada.  Outside, Sanada is sent into railing, has own foreign object used against him, hit with a chair shot, choked with the TV cables before being thrown back in the ring by Muta.  Muta hits dragon screw elbow off ropes.  Storm off turnbuckle to break up the pin attempt by Muta.  Tajiri fights off Storm as he’s lifted in a crucifix razor’s edge.  Tajiri escapes disposing of Storm out of the ring.  Tajiri then Tajiri kicks Sanada.  Sanada shoves Tajiri into the ref, Tajiri ducks mist attempt by Sanada and Sanada ducks green mist attempt by Tajiri.  Tajiri kicks Sanada, then send him into turnbuckle as Sanada goes over the like HBK onto apron.  Sanada springboards off ropes and is hit with double mist, green by Muta and red from Tajiri.  Tajiri delivers Buzzsaw kick setting Sanada up for The Great Muta’s innovated Shining Wizard for the pin and win.  11:00 my time (10:56 wikipedia’s time), I give it 3/5 for a rating of really good.Screen_Shot_2014-10-13_at_9.42.47_AM_copyAfter match, Storm attacks Muta and Tajiri, whistles calling out Manik who assists.  Storm uses bull rope around Muta’s neck and shouts “Die Muta!”  Team 3D enter making short work of Manik as Bully tosses him out.  Storm gets sprayed by mist from Muta and hit with a 3D by Bully and Devon. My rating for the entire card is 2.75/5, take that for what it’s worth. This is only my second pro wrestling card I’ve reviewed rating matches, the only other being Wrestle Kingdom II where TNA participated in New Japan’s Pro Wrestling’s January 4th, Tokyo Dome show.  I enjoyed Bound for Glory 2014 from Korakuen Hall this year.  I remember being slightly disappointed with last years show even though I felt it had some good wrestling, but too much filler and poor structure.  I felt the Sting vs. Magnus match was poor which had it not been could have really supported the strong ending between Bully and A.J. Styles, especially after the lackluster ECIII debut after Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode’s match.  This card seemed solid, nothing exceptional yet not any match over 13 minutes.  Perhaps they were playing it safe attempting to appeal to two different demographics between the Japanese in attendance and others watching around the world on PPV. Mike Tenay did do an excellent job of dropping much needed pro wrestling knowledge of puroresu’s origins discussing Rikidozan, Antonio Inoki and Giant Baba, as they played a heavy significance in it’s history which still carries on today.  Solid wrestling throughout, with the little talking points used being very strategic and well placed.  TNA did a positive job in their decision to co-promote with W-1, as both sides can’t help but benefit to some degree.  TNA co-promoting with NJPW made me a fan of puroresu and the more promotions form symbiotic relationships, the more they can rival the Mega-Power in WWE.  I hope TNA and Wrestle-1 the best as I enjoyed their version of Bound for Glory.  TNA having over talent in Japan such as Samoa Joe, Low Ki, Team 3D and MVP is also a huge positive this year and made a world of difference.

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